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Cleenol Delivers COSHH Awareness Training

First published 21.12.2019

COSHH (Control of Substances Harmful to Health) is a law that regulates the use of chemicals and substances in the workplace, to reduce harm to health for employees. An employer must take steps to prevent or reduce workers’ exposure to substances that might pose a risk.

Substances that might be harmful:

  • Chemicals and products containing chemicals
  • Fumes, mists and vapours
  • Dust
  • Gases
  • Biological Agents (i.e. bacteria)
  • Nanoparticles 
As employers, it is our responsibility to protect our employees from harm. The COSHH legislation involves procedures that we continuously implement including:
  • Risk assessments
  • Engineering control measures
  • Information, instruction and training
  • Monitoring and health surveillance
  • Planning for emergencies

Our three measures

To ensure constant adherence to the requirements of COSHH we focus on the following fundamental principles:

1. Understanding the health hazards of the substances we use. Our suppliers have chemical safety data sheets available for all the products they supply; here at Cleenol you can access these online through our website portal. Using these sheets, we create a Risk Assessments. 
2. Eliminating or minimising risk by using safe chemicals handling and storage procedures and providing personal protective equipment for use by staff to complement engineering control measures.
3. Educating, instructing and training all staff on the risks and the measures we undertake to control any hazards. Records of this training are kept on file.
To provide a clear picture that our control measures remain effective, we have implemented constant monitoring and health surveillance systems.


Planning for emergencies

Planning for emergencies is something that is essential for all businesses, but needs special consideration when harmful substances are concerned. Continual training and development regarding COSHH is something that we at Cleenol are pleased to offer our customers. As a result, in late 2018, we launched a website dedicated to online COSHH Awareness training.
Initially rolled out to select customers to get feedback and test our course for usability, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. We are now rolling this out to all our customers – an online training portal that allows employers to not only deliver training remotely, but also record progress, so the course can be completed whenever is most suitable.
COSHH Awareness training can now occur as and when is most appropriate for the needs of your staff, but also for your business. Progress is automatically saved, so users can pick up where they finished in the last session.
We have 1300 active users and the number is growing each week! Make sure your staff are up to date with their COSHH Awareness training with Cleenol.

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