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Contact us for a competitive quote via or +44(0)1295251721.

We ship across the UK as well as overseas. Cleenol's specialist export division is skilled in export packaging, shipping requirements, compliance with local/international regulations and export documentation.

Cleenol products that meet BS EN 1276 certification

In order to keep your customers safe, disinfection products should meet the BS EN standards. Check labels for either BS EN 1276 or BS EN 13697 when shopping for products that prevent harmful bacteria from spreading onto food or contact surfaces.
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Cleenol Delivers COSHH Awareness Training

COSHH (Control of Substances Harmful to Health) is a law that regulates the use of chemicals and substances in the workplace, to reduce harm to health for employees. Make sure your staff are up to date with their COSHH Awareness training with Cleenol.
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