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We ship across the UK as well as overseas. Cleenol's specialist export division is skilled in export packaging, shipping requirements, compliance with local/international regulations and export documentation.

Crystalbrite Professional laundry products cover the full range of bio and non-bio liquid detergents, laundry powders, fabric softeners/conditioners, stain removers, boosts and sours required by professional laundrettes as well as in-house laundry facilities from the care sector to hospitality. The popular Crystalbrite Laundry Emulsifier offers best in line removal of fake tan, suntan/spa oils and makeup from towels and robes. Novaspotta Oxy and Crystalbrite Liquid Destains are powerful stain removers that easily get rid of even ingrained dirt from textiles. 

Cleenol's team of service engineers can help you with autodosing equipment installation and optimisation for your water hardness and washing machines – learn more here >