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Surface Sanitisers are substances with antimicrobial agents that simultaneously clean and disinfect, that is, destroy microorganisms: bacteria, yeasts and viruses. Similarly, Bactericidal Cleaners kill harmful bacteria which cause bad odours. They are also effective for dissolving lipids and urine staining.

Sanitisers and Antibacterial Cleaners

Browse our Lift cleaning products to keep your toilets, showers and bathtubs clean and hygienic.


Lift Bath & Washroom Cleaner D34

An effective foam cleaner and descaler for light to medium soiling. Ideal...

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Former Name: Concentrated Surface Cleaner & Sanitizer

A highly effective cleaning and sanitising product for all hard surfaces including work surfaces, microwaves, fridges, freezers, chopping boards and tiles.

It has been tested...

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Former Name: Concentrated Perfumed Bactericidal Multipurpose Cleaner

An effective 4-in-1 product that deodorises, descales, cleans and sanitises.
Suitable for use on tables, walls and most other hard surfaces.
Leaves a refreshing, mild fragrance.

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