Introducing Osmos

For over 70 years Cleenol has dedicated itself to the development of some of the finest, and most efficient dish and glass washing chemicals designed to deliver outstanding results whilst protecting the crockery and glassware.

The Osmos brand has been designed to reflect our history, our dedication to quality and the constant evolution of our products as we look forward to the future.


Each product in the Osmos range has been formulated with carefully selected high performing raw materials to deliver sparkling results in every wash.

We’ve looked at the whole range and though years of development can offer a complete dish and glass washing solution that offers consistent results and peace of mind.


The full range encompasses the complete wash and rinse cycle. These include:

  • Dishwash detergents.
  • Glasswash detergents
  • Dish and glass rinse aids.
  • Specialist additives.
  • Traditional powders and tablets.


All products within the Osmos range are industry tried and tested. We’ve worked with our partners and end-user customers to improve the range and deliver the best performing products.

Using products in the Osmos range will help optimise your dish and glass washing processes as well as being a cost effective solution. Additionally, we offer expert guidance to help you get the most out of your machine washer, analysing your needs and recommending a solution that is best for you.


Cleenol provides educational programmes to inform staff about our products and the relevant Health & Safety Acts, including Health & Safety, COSHH and CLP regulations.

In addition, we provide a range of leaflets, posters and guides. Training modules can be tailored to your individual training requirements and incorporated into personalised wall charts.

Goals of product training

  • Enabling staff to learn the most economical and effective way to use our products
  • Meeting legal health and safety obligations
  • Reducing the risk of accidents in the workplace
  • Creating a safer working environment for all employees